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10 July 2009 @ 05:56

Unfinished ;__;


It was almost dark when they left the funeral hall.

The sun was radiating its parting rays, orange and yellow bathing the city in a surreal dreamscape. The air cooled considerably to accentuate the time of year, and tonight was turning out to be one of those notably-December nights. The last of the denizens of day dotted the streets, scuttling tiredly towards their homes, anticipating a warm dinner, a comfy bed and a satisfied family who made all of their day’s work worthwhile.

Tokyo nights promised comfort.

But this particular night, Tokyo seemed to fail Aki.

“...Is it too soon to forget?” Fei brought himself behind Aki, his full height offering the smaller man some semblance of its own comfort and familiarity. Aki tucked his arms around himself, holding himself in place, unease raking his body.  He could not take that simple step backwards into Fei’s embrace. He could not bring himself to show that weakness.

“...It is too soon to even ask.”

He could feel Fei’s gaze touching his nape, and he felt himself shiver. It’s just the night air, he chided himself, worried that he was thinking strange thoughts so soon after Asami passed away.

He had just about regained his footing after his world had collapsed around him two weeks ago. He could not afford to lose it again.

It was almost surreal, losing Asami to something as natural as lung cancer. Pathetic though as it was, it was cruelly predictable. Aki knew that Asami was giving his nicotine addiction the benefit of the doubt, had seen the signs of the disease developing, been there when his lover had been admitted to a hospital, had held his hand as Asami breathed his last words. “Miss me... but don’t let me hold you back.

Free yourself, Aki. It is the least you could do for the man who had loved you with all his heart.”

But he knew he could have done much more.

“Do not show your tears in public. Asami’s rivals would get satisfaction knowing the heir to his operations was a weakling.”

Who will protect him from now on? Who could he trust?

“...I didn’t want his operations. It could have gone to the dogs for all I cared. I wanted him!” Aki reined in his voice, he did not want to let go of the iron mask he had so wilfully forced on his demeanour. “Why couldn’t he give me the thing I wanted most?!”

“Don’t be foolish! He gave you time. Time he had so little, and yet he shared it with you! And I--!” I had always envied you for that.

Aki stared, wide eyes glistening, as Fei’s teeth gritted. He knew, through a vague connection that flickered ever so briefly between them, that memories equally as precious as his own were flooding the Chinese man’s obscure thoughts. Fei gripped Aki’s arm roughly, and hauled him towards the road, where a metallic black DBS Volante gleamed orange in the sunset. Aki had just enough time to brace himself before he was shoved into the passenger’s seat of the car, Fei slipping into the driver’s seat next to him barely a minute after, not enough time for him to find a way to escape the car’s complicated security. He felt his tears smudging his cheeks with a golden sheen.

“What are you doing--?!” Aki growled just as Fei grabbed both his arms as he worked the door handle on his side. Fei pulled him back into the interior of the car, across the central console, and ravished his lips just as he fell into the older man’s lap.

“You make me so angry.” Fei whispered roughly, tying the struggling hands with his black tie. Aki blanched, trying to throw Fei’s weight off, but the older man held his shoulders down firmly. The buttons on the central console proved uncomfortable as they clawed his back, but in the frenzy of the situation he found such details immeasurable to the bigger picture. Fei, Asami’s foremost rival, had him pinned down with a beastly look on his face, and that, judging from previous experiences, did not bode well with Aki.

“Fei, stop! Don’t do this! It’s--”

The shock of having two fingers shoved into his mouth placed all of his thoughts on hold. Unwillingly, Aki tasted every callous contour on the digits as Fei thrust them hard into his throat. The intention was clear: shut up or suffer harsher circumstances. “It’s been a while since we’ve been in this kind of situation, hasn’t it?” He chuckled, but it was a fear-inducing cackle that made Aki shiver all over.

With his other hand, Fei undressed his catch and massaged Aki’s body thoroughly, his fingers ghosting over his jugular, then replaced with his mouth as his fingers went on to trace an imaginary line down from Aki’s neck to his chest. He circled Aki’s chest area as his mouth sucked ravenously on his cervical flesh. Aki could not stop the moans escaping from his mouth as his thrashing gradually receded into weak spasms. Fei smiled against the hickey he had left on the other’s jugular.

“What? Is that all the resistance you could muster?” He breathed heavily into Aki’s ear, his tongue snaking into the cavity, finding delight in the small jolts he elicited from the stubborn man.  “I can’t imagine Asami having much enjoyment fucking you into the mattress... if you took it like such an obedient bitch.” Aki yipped at the imagery, feeling the tingling dendrites of excitement touching his penis under the soft cover of the cotton suit Asami bought him a year ago.


It came unto him like a blinding flash of light. They had just attended Asami’s funeral. Surely even he could understand the many universal principles they had broken in the space of the last few minutes. It was emotionally and immorally unjust for him to indulge in this act, even if it was thrust upon him, quite literally. He tried to push Fei away, though the larger man’s bulk fought passively against his struggles. If anything, it seemed to drive the other man even wilder. “Oh, this is a change! I am, quite admitted, perversely excited to see you so... lively, Aki. But we’ll soon remedy that.”

“ Fei, what are you—aah!“ He never even got to the end of the sentence before Fei’s wandering hands took all his syllables away. He grabbed Aki’s crotch softly at first, but his grip grew increasingly constrictive. Aki let out a short scream when his clutch became unbearable, the fullness of his sac protruding between Fei’s fingers like a balloon under intense pressure. “Ahhhh! Fei... let go! I’m gonna...”

Fei looked up from his assault on Aki’s navel, which was red with teeth scrape marks. “’Gonna’ what, Aki?” He added the pressure on Aki’s sac, using the heel of his palm to grind against them. Aki’s avid cock bobbed and shivered against Fei’s arm.

“Ah! Ahhhhhn...unnnh... haah...“ Aki’s moans were long and almost sultry. The pleasure was driving him wild. Fei’s grinding was enough to almost send him over the edge. “Don’t... stop... Fei...” He should not do this. “Ah... there... my-- ahhn!” His voice should not be crying out for another man to pleasure him, so soon after—“Feels so good...  I can’t... ahhhn... cumming...!” But he cannot hold back the thrill of pleasure—

“...You’re an insatiable little whore.” And Fei rammed into him.

Aki screamed for a reason woefully different from pleasure.

Tears sprung from his eyes though he did not summon them. His body was reacting on its own to somehow fight back the pain. It did not wait for him to grasp the frantic situation. His rectal muscles contracted violently to somehow expel the source of friction in his anus but Fei was too large and he was fucking him like fucking just went out of fashion. The car rocked the road. “So tight! So amazingly tight!” Aki glimpsed Fei’s eyes and they were the eyes of a mad beast. He flailed, trying to grasp anything that could possibly be used as leverage to get him away from the monster before him, but the soft leather of the Aston Martin did not offer any traction. Fei plunged deeper into Aki’s rectum, rubbing brutally on his prostate, at many instances even purposely squashing it to elicit the most terrifying shrieks from the smaller man.

Aki screamed again, and through his pained daze he hoped someone outside, in the foreign comforts of night-time Tokyo, could hear him.




Soft rays of sunlight filtering though wispy curtains. The soft plush on the mattress under him. Birds sang in symphony outside the nearest window, heralding the coming of the morning sun. The comfortable aches of yesterday’s love-making prickled like the thorns of a wishful dream. He yawned and stretched languidly, a well-rested cat ready for a new day. He did not jump at the sensation of his hand being touched. It was routine.

“Aki... Akihito...” He half-buried his face in the pillow and made to sleep, but his unrestrained smile gave it away. A short chuckle rang in his ears; a rare, precious treat. The callous but gentle hand moved from his own to stroke the locks of his unruly hair. “You want me to kiss you out of sleep...? Spoiled kid...” He heard the clinking of glass, before the feeling of someone caressing his cheeks. Large but careful fingers took a hold of his chin and pulled his face away from the pillows. His eyes remained closed, but moments later, he opened his mouth as he was pulled into a demanding but passionate kiss, and a rush of warm water flowed into his own. He gulped down the sustenance and felt his dryness in his throat ebb away.

His eyelids fluttered open. Deep brown eyes stared coolly at him. “Asami...”

But you’re not with me anymore.

Aki woke himself from the dream.

He started to sob as his mind recalled the pleasure of having another man’s cock in his ass, even though Asami’s funeral hall had just been a stone’s throw away from the car. Fei had been gentler during the second bout of love-making and a few rounds after that when his inner demon seemed to be less intent on causing him irreparable injury.

And in those times, he had begged, moaned, cried in ecstasy as Fei impaled his manhood deep inside him and filled him with cum. It was unforgivable, disgusting, unjustifiable. But the act alone did not condemn him. He has shamed Asami’s reputation the moment he walked away from the coffin with Fei by his side. He was barely worthy of being the great man’s heir, let alone being called his lover.

But more importantly, he had betrayed Asami’s love.

No amount of retribution could spare his honour.

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