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03 July 2008 @ 02:05
Stress, stress, I'm a mess, I can't cope with this, I confess...  

....That should be made into a song, baby. 

I haven't been posting on my LJ for a shit long time lately because, hell, college has been a suckling bitch from day UNO. I knew Physics would be hard for me since I never did it, but...

I never thought it'd be THIS hard...

...Or THIS stressful, to learn it.

I've been using up half of my midsemester break trying NOT to think about my Physics midterm exams, but I know I'll have to start cramming for it sooner than later. Here it is, laid next to my laptop, my Physics lab report for experiment 6: Uniform Circular Motion, and it is to be handed in by Monday, or a big fat ZERO will be finding itself snug and cozy on my assessment paper. I'm fearing the idea of returning to my college and facing Physics.

Could I have developed physics-phobia? I hope so. Maybe I can get MCs to back it up. Hmm.

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